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Liposome Drug Release Kinetics Measurement

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Shirley, New York - United States
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Description & Specifications

What We Provide?

We provide liposome-based drug release kinetics testing services to help customers better understand liposome products and promote your project.

How We Do?

  • Using analytical methods to measure drug release in real-time
  • Includes microfluidic device-based release assays and fluorescence imaging system-based release assays.

    This method can distinguish between encapsulated drugs and released drugs in IVR samples. For drugs tagged with fluorescence, the change in fluorescence when released from liposomes due to dequenching can be converted into the drug release rate.

  • Measuring drug release using membrane dialysis
  • Through membrane dialysis, the released drug is physically separated from the encapsulated drug in the IVR blood vessel. The separation methods include chromatography, centrifugation, and filtration. These dialysis-based methods are useful when the rate of release from liposomes is relatively slow compared to the time frame for free drug diffusion across the membrane.